-Multidirectional scaffolding

Multidirectional scaffolding is a modern, simple and modular system which is quick to use and adaptable, it can be used for all applications: the maintenance of facades and internal construction.It can solve all the problems for which, in the past, the tube and fitting type scaffolding was used, increasing productivity at the same time.Ample range of sizes and accessories.

-Stages, tribunes and towers

Structures in multidirectional scaffolding with heights starting from 25cm (from the ground), complete with all accessories, ladders, slip-way protections, and can be of any size thanks to the modularity of the components.Base modules 2x2m and 1x2m.

-‘Rapid’ Covering

Integral or separate from the stage, all aluminium, quick and simple to assemble.The reticular structure offers maximum freedom in finding the solutions of its adaptability to any type of application.Base module with sheeting 2×2,5m.


Made to measure sheeting for stage coverings, mixing and direction towers, made from fireproof polyester gloss-lacquered on both sides and available in various colours and sizes on request.